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  • What Makes It Better Than a Blanket?
    The Koveroo TM 180/360 Bed Blanket provides superior performance and functionality over other blankets due to its integrated pocket function and design. The Pocket's length is around 37 inches long and its width is about 50 inches wide with a circumference at its opening of around 65 inches for a spacious non-confining multiple user experience. The side bottom base of our pockets has an extension of around 10 inches on each side to allow for a spacious feet fit for comfort
  • What Is the Koveroo Tm 180/360 Stadium Blanket?
    The Stadium Blanket will revolutionize the way customers enjoy their sporting events when outdoors in inclement weather. Many times, users attend sporting events where it rains or it's very cold. The Koveroo TM Stadium Blanket has our same integrated pocket design and function with a seating area for customer's buttocks. This seating area allows the user to sit on a warm cozy surface all the time. Users have attempted to use blankets or even waterproof blankets and again the same issue arises. Blankets just don't protect the user's legs both front and back the way like our product does. Our waterproof Koveroo TM 180/360 Blanket isn't scheduled to be released until 2023 however we are doing a limited product run on our Koveroo TM 180/360 Fleece Stadium Blanket, please preorder today because this limited run will sell out.
  • What Is Your Return Policy?
    60 day return on all of our products
  • Do You Offer Gift Cards?
    No Gift Cards allowed
  • What Are the Payment Options?
    All Major Credit Cards and Debit Cards connected with Banking Institutions Accepted
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