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The Koveroo 180/360 Blanket came into existence, because I would tuck my son to bed at night and when I would wake him up the covers and blankets would always come off leaving his legs and feet exposed. I thought to myself that there has to be a solution to this problem.


And then I experienced a situation when I was asleep and the blankets came off and I had to reposition the blankets to tuck my legs under and I lost sleep in the middle of the night…that was very frustrating.


After brainstorming some ideas on a pad..A blanket with an integrated pocket was born and I knew it had to look like a regular blanket and we called it “Koveroo” which was a play on Covers and Kangaroo and the “180/360” is half the body covered 180 degrees and 360 degrees all the way around.

Photo to the left, Inventor Aquito Young and children.

Our Mission

Koveroo TM Bedding is dedicated to creating the best online experience for all of our customers. We understand our responsibility as a company, and we value and respect your business. All of our products come with a 60-day warranty, and we offer flat fee shipping within the Contiguous United States. Our Stadium Blanket has a utility patent for the use of it.

Koveroo TM Bedding is also a strong supporter of Youth Programs and Service Providers that work towards Youth Empowerment and Drop Out Prevention Initiatives. 

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