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Linda-P.- I like to be warm so blankets are more searching for the right blanket. Since I have used the Koveroo 180/360 Blanket it's my go to Blanket!!

Miranda T.- I absolutely love my Koveroo Blanket a definitely must buy!!

Derek C.- My wife and I are wrapped up like a burrito in our blanket, my wife carries it around like that kid from the Peanuts.

TM Origin Story.....

Our flagship product, The Koveroo TM 180/360 was created because I would tuck my son in at night with conventional covers and I noticed that in the morning's or in the middle of the night, the covers would always slide off his legs and feet making him cold and uncomfortable. I thought to myself there has to be a better way to keep his legs and feet covered. I immediately began designing and sketching ideas for a new type of blanket.

It had to appear as a regular blanket and the concept of an integrated pocket on the underside was born.

The Koveroo TM 180/360 is the blanket you step into that covers your legs and feet to keep you warm when you're cold. The blanket is able to be shared by multiple users and is non-confining for user comfort and spaciousness.

It also places an end to fighting over the covers with your partner, and users can still toss and turn when in the blanket.

We also noticed that as an added benefit our 180/360 blankets actually keep users warmer because it recirculates their body heat. 

As a company we are committed to providing quality service and innovative products at an affordable price, The team at Koveroo TM Bedding knows that every product has to meet a rigorous set of standards and we strive to make the entire shopping experience as rewarding and easy as possible.
Thank You, for your support.

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