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Stay Warm and Cozy at Outdoor Sporting Events, Even if You Are Outside in Inclement Weather

2023 Penn State Rose Bowl Champion Keaton Ellis

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Has Any Of This Ever Happened To You?

You're always cold at sporting events

Your blankets blow off you in the wind

You're tired of your feet sticking out of your blankets

You're tired of cold feet when outdoors

Your legs are cold and conventional blankets don't work


Imagine If...

Your regular blanket doesn’t blow off you.


A blanket can make you warmer without being heated.

The Koveroo 180/360 is an innovation in blanket design and functionality with its integrated pocket design and functionality that guarantees the blanket will not blow off the user
PATENT# 11,696,607


The Koveroo 180/360TM  will...

keep you warmer when out in the cold

keep you warm and comfortable

not slide off you

recirculate your body heat

cover your legs, feet and buttocks


"We are definitely happy with our Koveroo’s soft and warm…my wife and I race to see who will grab it for movie time."

Maurice and Susan T

"I like to be warm so blankets are essential no more searching The Koveroo 180/360 blanket is the right one and it’s my go to blanket."

Linda P.

"My wife and I are wrapped up like a burrito in our blanket, my wife carries it around like that kid from the Peanuts."

Derek C.


Perfect for you if...

You're cold in the house

You're cold when outside, Camping, at the beach, in the backyard


You're cold as a spectator, at sporting events, professional, College, High school, Middle school, or any league play.

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